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Es para nosotros un gusto compartirles las fotos de la posada que realizamos el pasado 22 de diciembre en el Hospital Universitario y en el Hospital Metropolitano. Agradecemos la participación activa de nuestros miembros y le damos reconocimiento especial a las personas que con sus donativos, nos permitieron conseguir los …

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2015: The Year in Review

Landmark rulings from the U.S. Supreme Court. Multibillion-dollar tort settlements. Major moves and merger talks in Washington Big Law. A spirit of bipartisanship on Capitol Hill. This NLJ collection looks back at highlights from 2015.          

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Gay Marriage Defined the High Court Year

The historic ruling upholding a right to same-sex marriage defined the Roberts Court in 2015 by altering the legal, political and social landscapes for millions of lesbian and gay couples. But as that year drew to a close, the justices already had teed up another potential blockbuster year involving abortion, …

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The Legal Cost Disease

Lawyers are not anti-technology. Lawyers are pro getting sh*t done. The caricature I drew of the nose-to-the-grindstone inside counsel in my last post was an attempt to illustrate how the need, predisposition, and incentives to focus on immediate, mission-critical work often dominate the competing demand to systematically integrate new process and …

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