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The Myths of the Digital Native (Part 1)

I am disappointed every time I guest lecture a law school class. Because anecdote is often more compelling than data, I’ll start with an example from two weeks ago. An adjunct professor who teaches one of those great law school classes with cool titles like Tomorrow’s Lawyer had his students …

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Everybody Else is an Idiot

I’ve written multiple posts in praise of allied professionals, specialists, and experts who are increasingly vital to the delivery of competent legal services. But just as lawyers are not alone in the legal supply chain, lawyers are not alone in bearing responsibility for its deficits. As we head into ILTACON, …

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CLE Sucks (When Training Is Terrible)

Technology training is important. For a long time, I simply thought it was my job to push lawyers into technology training. And, for just as long, I thought anyone who resisted the idea of technology training for lawyers was being myopic. Again, the comic I repeatedly use to make this …

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Pre-ILTACON: Interesting Times

Lawyers who entered the profession when the standard means of production were a dictaphone and a dedicated secretary will, without any sense of irony, EMAIL me to tell me that technology has no impact on the way they practice law. One of the most underappreciated characteristics of technology is how …

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A Better Way To Train: Synchronous, Active Learning

Technology training is important. Competence-based assessments are a great technology training tool. At the outset, assessments permit trainees to test out of training they do not need. By identifying competencies and deficiencies, assessments serve as the basis for tailored training plans. Assessments then validate that training has been effective. As …

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