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Hello, Geeks

Long-time reader. First-time poster. Does the following resemble anyone you know? “Far too many people—and especially people with high knowledge in one area—are contemptuous of knowledge in other areas or believe that being ‘bright’ is a substitute for knowing.” Peter Drucker’s biting observation is likely familiar to anyone who has …

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Realizations About Law Firm Realizations

Clients are not the only ones who act as if outside lawyers are inefficient. Individual outside lawyers censor themselves for inefficiency. Their firms then cut their time for perceived inefficiency before sending it to the client. The clients cut their time even further. Everyone seems to agree there is considerable …

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Embracing the Beta

Good enough. Two words that are anathema to law firms.  After all, we produce perfect legal product. (cough, cough) We strive to eliminate risk for our clients, and especially for our firm, and as such, ‘good enough’ Is. Never. Good. Enough.   I can’t and would never comment on whether …

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News Flash: Entry-Level Associates Lack Key Practical Skills

I received a press release from Lexis this morning with this eye-catching headline: “Recent LexisNexis Survey Uncovers Gap in New Attorney Readiness for Real World Practice.”   The first thing the whitepaper mentions is that 95% of hiring partners and associates believe that recently graduated law students lack key practical skills.  The deficient skills include …

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Welcome to Toronto!

In the last two weeks, the MLB’s Toronto Blue Jays have made trades and acquisitions from all over the U.S.  The team is on fire, the Rogers Centre is selling to its 45,000 person capacity and there is a winning energy in the air.  But the Blue Jays,  their fans, …

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