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Legal Accounting Tips for 2016

As the end of the year approaches, wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have a million bookkeeping & accounting issues to resolve? We can help you fix them. In this “end of the year” webinar, you can learn how to simplify your legal accounting chores — putting many on …

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Yammer, a Social Network for Your Company

Yammer is an easy-to-use and secure enterprise social  offering from Microsoft that is available as part of Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud solution. Yammer enables a company’s employees to collaborate more effectively with each other so that they can achieve more. While Yammer has been described by some as a “Facebook …

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A Primer on Using Electronic Redaction

Introduction No matter your choice of discovery tools, one thing remains the same: redaction. Redaction removes privileged or protected information prior to production to opposing counsel. Redaction can be one of the most important—and sometimes the most costly—part of document review. Unfortunately, as the volume of data continues to rise, …

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E-Billing for Everyone: Tips & Trends

There continues to be tremendous growth in electronic billing done by law firms and it doesn’t show signs of slowing. In 2014, there were millions of e-bills submitted, representing billions in e-billing revenue. Unique client billing guidelines, on top of over 35 legal spend management vendors has made electronic billing …

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